Special Provisions

Any expense incurred by McConnell & Scullly, Inc. in moving on/off job locations and the cost of moving permits will be charged to the customer.

Any special tools needed to perform or complete a job will be charged to the customer. Special clothing, materials, procedures, etc., requested by the customer will be charged accordingly. Prices quoted per specific job.

Supplies charged to us for the customer will be rebilled to the customer at cost plus 15% handling. Rubber products will be charged at manufacturer’s retail prices.

A One-Hour minimum charge applies to all labor, rigs, pump & vacuum trucks, and construction & heavy equipment.

Crews called out to complete a job or extra men added to a regular crew will have an 8-Hour minimum charge.

Per Diem charges will apply when equipment and crew(s) are operating beyond a reasonable driving distance from our yard or in the event of adverse weather.

If conditions are such that a dozer or other towing equipment is necessary, the customer will furnish same. Any resulting damage to our equipment will be the responsibility of the customer. If the customer or the customer’s representative is not available to order out such towing equipment, our foreman will have the authority to do so at the customer’s expense.

The annual cost of any customer-required memberships, such as through ISNetworld, Avetta, or other resource management, review & verification services, or other data collection consortiums will be billed to customers requiring such participation, including labor costs incurred in preparing specialized documentation.