McConnell & Scully, Inc., a Michigan based company, was incorporated in the State of Michigan in 1966. Our mission is to provide a full-service company to meet the needs of the petroleum and oil industries as well as other industries that may benefit from the services we offer. Our purpose is to provide superior value to our customers, employees, and community through our services. We hold to the highest standards of employee safety and training and continue to make health, safety, the environment and our community our highest priority. We are a member with AESC, MOGA, OOGA, and Michigan Chamber, as well as ISNetworld and PEC Premier Safety Management, Inc.

Our work force is made up of the most experienced and dedicated men and women that can be obtained. These employees are certified in such areas as CPR, H2S, first aide and have had other related safety training. They have won safety awards in various years from the Association of Oilwell Servicing Contractors, Michigan Oil & Gas Association, etc.

McConnell & Scully, Inc. is dedicated to our customers and this dedication speaks for itself. We have performed services for such major corporations such as Consumers, El Paso, Exxon/Mobil, Hunt Petroleum, Marathon Oil, Noble, Panhandle, and Shell. We have worked for numerous independents including CountryMark Energy, Interstate Explorations, Jordan, Michigan Gas Utilities, Omimex, Paxton, Savoy, West Bay, and Whiting Petroleum. We have also performed numerous projects for the State of Michigan. We believe in ethically and honestly doing what we say we will do, conducting business with mutual respect and fostering a win-win relationship with all parties concerned in this industry.